Art For The Museum Lovers

The best museum in Minneapolis hands down has to be the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Not only is this museum full of interesting pieces and exhibits, it’s free. FREE. I like museums that don’t charge pricey admission fees, but this museum doesn’t even charge a dime, so you know it’s lit. The art institute is […]

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Camping? More Like Glamping

During this past summer, I went camping for the first time. Not like the typical summer camp that your parents make you attend during middle school. This was camping in a tent in the good ol’ outdoors. One of my good friends invited me to go camping during the Fourth of July, and I was […]

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Software Design Diagrams

When it comes to designing software, there are various modeling diagrams that software developers use to relate the software requirements to the overall design of the system. Any kind of system, whether simple or complex, is best illustrated through these different types of UML diagrams. UML stands for Unified Modeling Language and it is a […]

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Learning Languages Logically

For a couple years now, I have picked up the hobby of learning languages, particularly Spanish and Portuguese. I really enjoy learning languages because it makes you learn about a new culture as well as learn new ways to express yourself in another language. I started learning Spanish because like every typical American student in […]

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Hostel Lifestyle

Ever since I started traveling as a young adult, I’ve made it a habit to always stay in hostels whenever I can because I am a budget traveler. Not only are hostels cheaper, but they are a good environment to meet new people from all over the world. The hostels that I’ve stayed at have […]

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