Art For The Museum Lovers

The best museum in Minneapolis hands down has to be the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Not only is this museum full of interesting pieces and exhibits, it’s free. FREE. I like museums that don’t charge pricey admission fees, but this museum doesn’t even charge a dime, so you know it’s lit. The art institute is funded by sponsors and other commissioners, so don’t feel bad that it’s free. The art institute is huge. I’ve been to art museums before and this one is literally huge. There are 3 levels to this museum and each level has a different feel to it. The first level is the main entrance and has a library. There’s not much to the first level but resources, which can be helpful! The second level has exhibits on ancient African art and culture, as well as ancient Asian art. There was an art piece that recreated an ancient Chinese palace. There was also a video showing village children in Sierra Leone rejoicing in the streets. That was an interesting piece! This level also had a lot of Native American pieces, such as a traditional outfit that the women would wear during tribal celebrations.

The third floor had a lot of my favorite exhibits. The floor consisted of exhibits and vintage paintings of Ancient European history, including a room from a Victorian age home. There were also exhibits on colonial American history, including a collection of all of the vintage guns that were used in battle. And my favorite exhibit was the piece on modern and contemporary art and culture. There were art pieces of the Hmong culture, since it’s pretty prevalent in the Twin Cities, there was a vintage car from the fifties, as well other interesting pieces that were relevant to today.  If I had to compare the three major museums of the Twin Cities, I would say the Art Institute surpasses the Science Museum and the History Museum. And it’s free all day, everyday. The History Museum would have to come second because the exhibits are so cool and the reenactments are so believable. The science museum is cool, but there aren’t that many exhibits that make me want to check out each and every exhibit.The Minneapolis Institute of Art is definitely a good museum to check out if you are ever in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area! There are always new exhibits on display and you really get a good variety of art and culture.



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