Sights of Chicago

Chicago, much like any other major city, has a ton of neighborhoods. And each neighborhood that Chicago has gives something different and unique to the overall culture of the city. The neighborhoods that I spent the most time in were Wicker Park and the Loop. The Loop is kinda just the general area for the downtown part of Chicago, but more specifically, I was in River North, the Magnificent Mile, and Streeterville. All of those neighborhoods that compromise the downtown area of Chicago were really walk-able and close by.

I really enjoyed walking through the Loop and just being in awe of the tall buildings that were surrounding me. And seeing everybody dressed up in fancy suits while going to work made it so surreal because these are the kinds of things that you see in those “wall street” kinds of movies lol. It was also really refreshing to see all walks of life in the downtown area as well as seeing every kind of person that you could think of taking the train to and from their destination. It wasn’t just middle to lower class people taking the train, there were some wealthy looking people also on the metro and it just goes to show how diverse the city of Chicago really is, which was really refreshing to see.

The place where I stayed at was in Wicker Park, which was about a 20 minute train ride from the Loop. Wicker Park is to the north of the Loop and it seemed like one of those neighborhoods where there were more young people than middle aged people residing there. I saw more young adults there than families which was interesting. Wicker Park definitely seems like an area where there are more hipster and liberal minded people currently residing there. The neighborhood also had the kind of housing where the houses kinda look like the ones that you see in New York City. The kinds of houses or buildings that have the fire escape on the side of the building, which makes the area look very vintage in my opinion. The buildings were a mix of old buildings and modern buildings, which was interesting to see. In Wicker Park, there were also a lot of small restaurants, like cafes, and in those cafes, the only kind of people that I saw were young adults. If I were to ever move to Chicago, I think that I would live in a neighborhood like Wicker Park or a neighborhood that had the same qualities because I definitely liked the vibe of the place.


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