Deep Dish Pizza: Chicago Style!

When I came to Chicago, I knew that I had to try out deep dish pizza. There are numerous cities in the United States where they have their own signature foods, and in Chicago, deep dish pizza is 31961347122_ec63b65ce9_otheir signature food. 31303855103_9c95775de1_oI’ve tasted deep dish pizza before in other restaurants in other cities, but I’ve never tried deep dish pizza in Chicago. And I heard that tasting the pizza which is made in Chicago is mouthwatering compared to tasting deep dish pizza elsewhere. So I made it a mission to try and find a good deep dish pizza restaurant. I ended up finding one that was right next to the Willis Tower and it was the only one open late at night. I got the personal deep dish pizza with the sausage as my choice of toppings and when it came out, the only thing that I was thinking was how deep the crust was. For a personal pizza, the crust was very deep. It was almost like a thick pie. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my food. One thing to note about eating deep dish pizza is that you can’t really use your hands because it will get messy lol. 31732954550_b68841c6b9_o32109786895_3c58d5647f_oI used a fork and a knife to consume my pizza and it made me feel so upper class eating gourmet pizza with some utensils lol. Deep dish pizza in Chicago really is delicious and really tasty and I don’t think that I could ever get tired of it if I moved to Chicago and that was like the only thing I ate constantly.


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