The Windy City of Chicago

I just recently returned from a trip to the windy city of Chicago. It was my first time actually spending time within the downtown of the city and I was really surprised by how huge Chicago really is. Just walking through the downtown areas of the city made me in awe of the tall skyscrapers that surrounded the city and they were just endless. Even the neighborhoods outside of the downtown area gave me the big city feel like in New York. Even though Chicago doesn’t have borrows, it definitely feels like New York City, but clearly not as big. The Loop is like Manhattan and then the other neighborhoods like Wicker Park, where I stayed, is like Brooklyn or something like that. Chicago gives you that big city feeling as well as being secluded from all of the chaos that downtown can bring. The Loop and the River Walk and the Magnificent Mile all compromise the downtown area of Chi-town and it is fairly walk-able. The main attractions aren’t too far from one another and the more and more that you walk around and get lost, the more you find out how close everything really is. It’s like a literal loop lol! There were a lot of main attractions that I really wanted to see as well as some places that I didn’t plan on seeing and discovered on the way while I was exploring the city. And yes I took the train everywhere. That was the first time I really utilized a train in any major city on numerous occasions and it was actually kind of exciting.

Millennium Park: This park had a lot of cool sculptures including the infamous bean sculpture. There was also another sort of pavilion sculpture that is used for live bands and concerts throughout the summer time. I liked the steel or metal pieces that was used to build the sculptures. It made millennium park look even more futuristic and unique.

Willis Tower: I waited in line at the Willis Tower for almost 2 and a half hours. It was crazy. But at the end, I made it to the skydeck. The skydeck itself is 1,353 feet above the ground and the view from the top gives you an awesome view of the city. I went around the evening time, so the view from the top of the skydeck was spectacular with all of the city lights shining bright in the dark. I would definitely go to the skydeck again maybe during the day so that I could see the skyline of the city when the sun is out. But I would have to go when the line wouldn’t be so long because waiting in line for 2.5 hours was tiring.

Lake Michigan: On the days that I went to downtown Chicago, the weather was rainy and foggy so it was kind of hard to get a good view of the skyline of the city. But I was still very much determined to see the infamous lake and to see the city on the shores of the lake. There are a lot of beaches that are on the shores of Lake Michigan and the beach that I happened to stumble upon was the Ohio Street Beach which was right next to the Navy Pier. Lake Michigan is enormous and I can’t believe that it’s just a lake. It looks like an ocean, and even the blue color makes it hard to believe that this lake isn’t secretly an ocean. An ocean that exists in the Midwest haha!

Chicago River Walk: The river walk is so beautiful. And the river’s color is very green-ish, which makes the river look exquisite against the architecture of the buildings that surround the river. The river is pretty long and it’s not hard to miss. Anytime that you are lost in downtown, you can easily find your way to the river because it’s kind of like the central point of downtown. The architecture along the river walk is beautiful and I think the Chicago river and the architecture in downtown alone could represent the beauty of Chicago.

Navy Pier: The Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel is so big upfront. It obviously wasn’t operating at the time when I went, which was during the winter, but the whole pier and the boats added a whole new beauty to the city of Chicago. The navy pier also has a good view of the city and of the Lake Michigan. And I’m sure that during major holidays and during warmer weather, there are numerous amounts of events that go down on the pier.

Chicago literally has all of the things that major cities in the US have, like the beaches, the piers, the large population, the “ocean” i.e. the lake, the tall skyscrapers, and the hip and thriving neighborhoods, and the major events. I truly believe that if you live in Chicago, you could feel like you’re living in Los Angeles or New York City and that’s what makes Chicago such a special city in the United States.


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