Music Appraisal: Tory Lanez Edition

I will admit, I’ve been sleeping on Mr. Tory Lanez, but I’m glad that I’m finally woke and aware of the bangers that he constantly produces. His music stays lit and wavy. He makes music that will make you want to turn up at the club or at a party and he also makes music that makes you want to just chillout and vibe to the beat. I would say that he has three main styles when it comes to music. He has that rap/trap music style that makes you want to do all of those over the top dances and makes you want to just bang your head to the beat and get hyped. And then he has the R&B music style that makes you want to be in that special someone’s arms. And then he has the reggae music style that makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbeans and makes you want to move your body and dance to the beat. There are a lot of songs of his that I absolutely listen to on the regular because why not listen to trap music to get you through the day.

This was captured at one of his concerts

I Told You Album: This album is his most recent studio album and I absolutely vibe with a lot of the songs. But my favorite track has to be I Told You, Another One. I Told You, Another One is definitely how you start out an album. It was turnt. I could’ve really done without the long intro that he did, it was kind of like a little skit. It was just way too long, like I’m trying to get turnt and the long poem or whatever was killing my vibe, but I can appreciate it. He’s just trying to do something new and unique with his music. When the beat dropped when the chorus came on when he started saying “hop in  another one…” was everything. He sure does pick out some good beat selections and I like how he sang throughout this specific track. Shows that he is a versatile artist. The song had some good bars and good liners that just kill me everytime I listen to it like when he says “My wrist is froze like Kristi Yamaguchi, Skating on them, Kristi Yamaguchi”. That line just kills me every time lol. screen-shot-2016-08-22-at-6-41-00-pm

Miscellaneous Tracks: He has a lot of songs that he releases through something he calls “Fargo Fridays” and I’m not sure if any of them really belong to a specific album or project. But either way, all of those songs are hits and they are really awesome to listen to. My top three songs of his that he has released or he’s featured on are Diego, Litty with Meek Mill, and Lord Knows. I also love the reggae/dancehall influenced songs that he does too like the Controlla remix. But I think that my all time favorite Tory Lanez song has to be Diego. That song can get really repetitive at times but you can’t deny how turnt up that song can get people and how extremely sick the bass is when the beat drops. I actually like his songs more when he sings compared to when he raps but when he does both, your girl can’t complain because he makes certified hits in my opinion.

I had the honor of attending one of his concerts recently and that concert was epic. It was so much fun. The energy of the crowd, himself, and his opening acts was crazy and hyped and amazing. I would definitely go to another one of his concerts any day because you can tell that he really cares about his fans and making sure that people have an awesome and lit time at his shows. He crowdsurfed during the concert and he even climbed up to the balcony while performing: how crazy and lit can a concert get?!? The energy in the room was insane and wild!



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