Music Appraisal: Lana Del Rey Edition

I really enjoy listening to Lana Del Rey’s music. I didn’t get into her music until 2014 but ever since I started listening to her songs that weren’t overplayed on the radio, i.e. “Summertime Sadness”, I actually began to realize that I can appreciate her style and her variation in music. I don’t even really know which genre she would fit into because her music style is so unique, but I would put her into the indie music or alternative music category. I’ve listened to a majority of her songs from her major studio albums and there are a few that have really captured my heart, and every time that I play those certain tracks, I just go into this space where I feel like I’m in another world, a more enthusiastic yet laid back world. She gives good vibes through her music is all I can say.

She has way too many good and memorable songs that I love to listen to on the daily, but I’m just going to list my ultimate favorite songs of hers from each of her albums. It’ll be hard to choose just one song from each album, but we’ll try lol!

Born to Die Album: Blue Jeans has to be my favorite song on this album and born-to-die-4f3ac0c16af41my favorite song ever of Lana Del Rey. Her voice has a life of its own in that song, in the verses she has kind of a deep voice and then during the chorus, her voice goes up to that sweet and innocent voice. Blue Jeans just puts me in a good mood.
I’m sure that one day I can relate to the song because she talks about loving a special someone until the end of time and I haven’t found that special someone yet, lol, but nevertheless, it’s a good song to listen to and the various styles and tempos that are in the song makes it one of those unique tunes that you can’t compare with any other song out there, period.

Paradise Album: I don’t play when it comes to the emotions I feel whenever I listen to Gods & Monsters. This song is life and I can’t even explain it in words how this song takes me to another place and how it really connects with every feeling paradise_epthat I constantly experience in life. Gods & Monsters to me is a song that represents breaking free from someone or something that you feel always has a constant hold over you and your life.
The line “No ones gonna take my soul away…..It’s innocence lost” just resonates with me in that you gotta be in control of your life and of yourself and the world isn’t so innocent and you can’t be in this protective or controlling shell that you were once in, you gotta let go and experience the real world and really find yourself and figure out who you are and not giving a care in the world what any negative person has to say about you.

Ultraviolence Album: My favorite song from this album has to be Money, Power, Glory hands down. This was a hard choice between Shades of Cool and Brooklyn Baby. But Money, Power, Glory and it’s instrumentals against her soultry voice is nothing like her previous songs. I will admit that this whole Ultraviolence album gave me digitalbooklet-ultraviolence-1a lot of dark and deep vibes and it seemed kinda gloomy and what not, but not every single one of her albums has to be the same or contain the same kind of content, which is what I love about Lana. I think the main reason why I love this song so much is because of how different this song is (the beat tho!!) and I’ve never really heard a song
like this in the past and the song kinda symbolizes a lot of what society has come down to: a lot of people just want the fame, money, and all of the power that comes with it and even though those aren’t the most important things that I think about in life, I appreciate the realness of the song and just how blatant it can get. That’s Lana for ya!

Honeymoon Album: I can’t decide on just one song that I really like from this album. It’s a tie between High By the Beach and Art Deco. I’m sorry, but I can’t choose between those two!! They both give that really chill and laid back vibe and I really lana_del_rey_-_honeymoon_official_album_coverdig that. High by the beach is one of my favorites because of the way it shows that all of the extra dramatics in life don’t really phase me and all I wanna do is just chill and live my life my own way, i.e. “get high by the beach”. I love Art Deco because that song was literally
my anthem when I went to Miami and that song was on non-stop whenever I was in the art deco neighborhood. The song’s energy and vibe just fit so well with the Art Deco scene in Miami. The song is just a simple song and it’s not too over the top and I honestly just love the beat, her relaxed and chilled out voice, and the zen-like atmosphere that surrounds the song.

Miscellaneous Tracks: She has a lot of songs that were never in any of her studio albums and I’m not sure if they were just unreleased tracks or just songs for other projects that she was working on, but they are still pretty good to listen to. tumblr_no5u61gege1r9ih9zo1_500Even though there are countless songs that I love of hers, such as Young and Beautiful and I Can Fly, I love the song Serial Killer. The song reminds me of one of those teenage pop songs from back in the mid 2000s and I just love the way that the song is composed. The song really showcases her vocal ranges and it just goes to show that Lana can slay and rock in all types of ranges. She has a lot of songs where she’s singing with a very deep voice, and then other times when she’s singing with kind of a trembling voice, and other times when she sings at a normal to very high pitched sound, and of course we can’t forget when she talks in the middle of her songs like she’s in a movie or something. The song Serial Killer showcases all of those vocal ranges and that song is a banger.

Trust and believe that I have a whole playlist on my device dedicated to Lana Del Rey just because I love her music so much and I can really vibe to her songs and she’s definitely not afraid to go outside of the box. I’ve yet to see her in concert but that is one thing that is on the top of my bucket list because best believe that I would be singing along with her word for word to every single tune that she would sing live and I wouldn’t feel bad about it!




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