Into The Woods

In my home state of Minnesota, we have an abundant amount of state parks. One of the most famous parks as well as one of the oldest state parks in the nation is Itasca State Park. I visited Itasca state park sometime last year with some friends and it was my first time really going on hikes or doing any kind of nature appreciation on my own. Itasca is one of the most important parks in the nation because it is where the Mississippi River starts. The headwaters of the Mississippi start flowing from Itasca and it runs down all the way to the southern border of the United States.

I went to the state park when it was spring time, so it wasn’t technically summer season yet, but it wasn’t considered winter season either. So a lot of the trails and other kinds of activities were closed and of course, the river was still frozen. Even though the Mississippi was frozen at the time, it was still breathtaking to see just how huge the river really was in person. xybg2787

There were quite a few trails that I stumbled upon. One of the trails that was the most interesting to hike was the trail that led up to the Big White Pine. That tree up close is huge, it can’t even fit into a single picture. I thought that it was cool that I went during the spring time because it was still snowing a little bit and the snow and the atmosphere made the Big White Pine tree look even more grand.

The park was kind of quiet and deserted when I went and it was a good thing because something about listening to fresh bodies of water flowing is very refreshing to my ears. And just seeing all that there was to the park, like all of the trees, both dead and alive trees, made my hiking trip more worthwhile because there weren’t a lot of people that made the park distracting: it was just me and the woods and all of the refreshing natural noises that comes with nature.


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