The Pool Scene, Vegas Style

In Las Vegas, there are always a bunch of pool parties going on. That’s pretty much what most people do during the day, lay out by the pool. Vegas’s night life scene is insane and the party doesn’t end till the morning, and that’s why the pools are there for people to recover and relax from the night before. A lot of the casinos on the strip have pools that their guests can use. Some of those pools also hosts events, such as DJ hosted parties. And there is usually a cover charge for those parties. However, if you happen to be walking around in the casinos and if you’re a young looking lady, you most likely will get stopped by some promoter handing out promos for events. And if you get one of those promos, you will most likely get included on a guest list for a major event for free. So that means no cover charge for you! That’s exactly what happened to me and a friend when we were just passing on by in MGM Grand and we got asked if we wanted to get into one of their events that a famous DJ was hosting at their club, and once we got added to that list, we also got added to the guest list of a pool party at the Wet Republic pool the next day.


The pool party was lowkey, probably because we got their kind of early. But as we were about to leave, more and more people started filling in the pools, the cabanas, and the lounge chairs. I like the pool scene in Vegas because of the relaxing music that was playing and the relaxing atmosphere. But I know that a lot of pool parties in Vegas can get wild and obnoxious, and to be honest, I’m glad that I didn’t stay in time to see one of those because being in a crowded pool with a lot of loud music isn’t very relaxing to me, and I definitely needed to relax from all of the walking that I was doing up and down the strip in the excruciating Las Vegas heat!


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