Up and Down The Las Vegas Strip

I knew that Las Vegas was known for its lavish casinos, but I didn’t really know how themed some of the casinos were before I saw pictures online. So when I went to Las Vegas, I was so happy to finally see the iconic hotels in person. The weather in Vegas was extremely hot and dry, so staying outside for too long wasn’t ideal, but I had to walk the entire strip because I wanted to see each of those casinos and I went into nearly all of them. 28438093484_e7a7f3cd9d_o

New York New York: This hotel was wonderful! the hotel had a bunch of skyscrapers as well as a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Inside of the hotel had a bunch of food stops, shops, and of course, endless amounts of slot machines and poker tables. Most of the food that I ate while in Vegas was the New York style pizza that they had in the hotel. It was cheap for a huge slice. The hotel also had dining areas inside that looked like some of the Manhattan neighborhoods, such as Little Italy and Soho. This hotel stayed true to the ideals of the concrete jungle!

Paris: The Eiffel Tower that was at the center of the strip was almost exact to the actual one in Paris. And it looked even better when it was lit at night. There was even a recreation of the arc de triomphe. Vegas really goes all out when it comes to its themed hotels and casinos.

Luxor: I didn’t spend a lot of time in Luxor. After a while, all of the hotels start to look the same. Casinos, shops, and hotel rooms. Repeat. But the outside of Luxor was pretty neat. The hotel is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid and there is even a statue of a pharaoh right next to the entrance. Inside of the hotel also has various statues of pharaohs and ancient Egyptian gods. 29059055895_6d2f6c621c_o

Caesar’s Palace: Caesar’s Palace was LEGIT. My goodness, it was everything that I thought it was going to be. Caesar’s Palace is so huge that I don’t think I fully got to see everything, but what I could see was iconic. Once I got inside, I walked passed the casino because I wasn’t trying to risk my precious and fresh money gambling, and I went straight to the Forum shops. Before I laid eyes on the huge fountain with statues, I looked up to notice that the ceiling changed. It was now a painting of the sky. It made it feel like it was night time even though it was bright as ever outside. Maybe once I get more money in the future, I can blow all of it and stay at Caesar’s Palace because it was one of the best casinos that I went to while on the strip. 28772811890_788b64429f_o28441129703_c72ee98a33_o

The Venetian: When I saw the canals and the gondola rides in this hotel, I was done. How realistic could this get?! Like I said earlier, Vegas goes above and beyond when it comes to having their themed hotels stay true to their themes. If you look at pictures of the canals in Venice and the buildings, you’ll see that the Venetian lives up to the real deal. There was more to the hotel besides the canals and gondola rides. There was a live classical band playing classical instruments, there were walls that looked like the walls of buildings in an Italian city, and the ceiling was also painted so that it looked like we were looking up at the sky.


There is so much more to see on the Las Vegas strip and even though I probably didn’t get to go into every casino, I was satisfied with what I saw and Vegas did not disappoint. Each casino has its own character to it and that’s what truly makes Las Vegas one of a kind.


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