An Ode to Black Hair

One of the best things about being a black girl is the fact that we can rock multiple hair styles in the matter of months. Each month you could get something new with our hair, I’m that serious. And it’s not because we have to keep constantly changing our hair. My main reason is that I like having different looks and I like protecting my natural hair. I haven’t worn my hair curly in a while now, but I enjoyed it when it was curly. It gave me a unique look that I wasn’t used to and it gave my hair a lot of volume, which I loved. My hair most of the time is straight and even with my straight hair, I still feel like it has volume. Maybe it’s because I have a big head, I don’t know… 


When I rock curly hair…….. I use the Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion to moisturize my hair and to keep the curls of the crotchet braids intact. I would run the lotion through my curly locks almost every night just so that the curls would remain curly, otherwise what was the point of having curly hair? It does get tiring on the arms though because I have a big head, which means a lot of hair, which means making sure that the moisturizing lotion got into every part of my hair.

When I rock straight hair……. I use the Olive Oil Hair Lotion mainly when some weeks go by and my hair starts to get a little more dry. The hair lotion helps to keep my hair and my edges feeling moisturized and voluminous. Most of the time, my natural hair and the sew in weave that I wear are straight. So there isn’t much that goes into making sure that it’s straight. I don’t use a straightener or a curling iron that often unless the ends of my hair need some straightening or curling, which I guess happen sometimes.

So the real question still remains: 

Straight hair or curly hair?!?! 


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