Developing Software: Where to start?!

In the software and tech industry, one of the main aspects is software development. A lot of software and tech companies, or software teams in any company, follow some type of methodology when it comes to developing software. The main stages of developing software has been compiled as the Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC for short. Each company’s life cycle varies in its own way, but for the most part, most follow a cycle similar to the SDLC. I’ve used this methodology in some of my computer science classes and in my internship as well. For the most part, it is straight forward and a very good guideline to follow in regards to developing software.


The Software Development Life Cycle are phases or steps that a software team takes in order to produce working software. The stages for the most part are Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance. 


This phase may be the most important because this is what defines the software that is being built. Software teams typically meet with their customers and go over requirements and what the customer wants implemented in the software. The team then takes these requirements and plan out the development of the software to best meet the requirements and the needs of the customer. At this stage, the Software Requirement Specification Document is written up.


The design phase consists of architects specifying and defining how the product will be constructed, even internally. Things such as the way the product will communicate with the users and data will be defined in this phase. There are usually more than one design approaches that come out of this phase, but the important people of the team meet up to discuss the best design that will suit the customer’s needs, budget, risk assessment and a whole bunch of other factors.



This is the phase where the product is actually being built. The code for the software is written and the development of the product begins. Compilers, debuggers, and interpreters are used by those generating/writing the code in order to follow the guidelines that were gathered from the design phase.


The testing phase is where the software is tested for bugs, errors, crashes, and anything that could possibly go wrong with the product. Time is spent in this phase to make sure that the product is ready, functioning, and error free for the customer.

Deployment & Maintenance:

This phase consists of deploying the product to the customer or to the general market. The maintenance phase is where members of the software team will go to the customer with the product and perform maintenance actions on the software if there are issues that need to be fixed.



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