Sights of Los Angeles

Los Angeles as a whole is such a spread out area and there’s just so much to see. The place that I stayed at was right in the heart of the walk of fame, so I got to spend a lot of time walking up and down the famous street. There were always a bunch of people walking there as well as street performers and random people dressed in various costumes, such as the minions and a knock off spider-man.

There were a lot of stars on the walk of fame that had names that I did not recognize, names that I was surprised were even there, and empty stars. Maybe they’re waiting for the next big thing to fill up all of those empty stars. One thing that I had to do before leaving LA was to try and find Michael Jackson’s star. And on the last day that I was there, I found his wonderful star, which was right by the Chinese Theater.

One of the other places that I happened to stumble upon was Universal CityWalk, which is like the shopping and dining area of the Universal Studios theme park. I know that I didn’t do or see everything that Los Angeles has to offer, but I’m glad that I got to see what I could in such a short amount of time. Until next time!


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