Beaches of Los Angeles

One thing that the west coast is known for is its endless amount of beaches that span hundreds of feet along the Pacific Ocean. There are a lot of beaches in the Los Angeles area, but the two that I went to were Santa Monica beach and Long Beach City Beach. 

Santa Monica:

Everyone who comes to Los Angeles has to come to Santa Monica. I was almost not going to go to this beach because of time, but at the last minute, I decided to take a trip to the pier and see what all of the excitement was about. Santa Monica is about 20-30 minutes away from Hollywood but it felt like it took an hour because of that wonderful LA traffic. The traffic literally never dies down. Anyways, once I got to the city of Santa Monica, I walked around the downtown area and the third street promenade until I found the huge crowd of people walking to and from the pier.

When I tell you that the pier was covered with people.28441353243_86ec7803bc_o It was crazy. The pier was pretty cool though, there were a bunch of rides that kids could go on and of course food and souvenir stands.

Once I stepped off of the boardwalk, there were even more people on the sandy beach. The water was quite cold, so there weren’t as many people swimming, but trust and believe the weather was hot. I went to the beach when it was just about time for the sun to set, and the view was amazing. Overlooking the beach of Santa Monica are huge hills that look even more amazing when the sun is going down. 28440602043_9a0e2f4633_o

Once the sun was setting, I headed to the third street promenade, where there were a bunch of restaurants, shops, and of course, street performers. 28771830920_340171e253_oMust be a big city thing where there are always entertaining street performers. Santa Monica is at its best when the sun is setting. It is truly a beautiful sight to see!


Long Beach:

The city of Long Beach was quite calm and collected when I was there. Not as crazy, loud, or crowded as Santa Monica. The beaches of Long Beach are very clean and beautiful. There were bicycle and pedestrian paths on the sands of the beach.29058216895_e7a3a330e1_o28440025113_b29076b6dd_o

That was new and convenient because I was sinking in the sand! The city has a port as well as a nice downtown area with a huge Ferris wheel.

I was heading back from Catalina Island on a ferry to the Long Beach port, and I was in awe of the beauty of the city when it was lit at night. It was a spectacular view. 



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