Sights of South Beach

South Beach has an endless amount of things to see, I’ll admit that. From Art Deco to Lincoln Road, from Washington Avenue to Ocean Drive, you can’t be bored with the sights, the buildings, the people, the beautiful palm trees, the waters, the outdoor restaurants, and all that there is. When I was wandering the streets on Lincoln Road, I went to the botanical garden. It’s a very nice area full of green grass, colorful flowers, and ponds. I also went to the Holocaust memorial and it was truly something to see. There was a huge hand in the middle of the fountain that had people climbing on it. There was also a memorial wall that had various names and music that was playing in the background. Lincoln Road and Ocean drive have a lot of outdoor restaurants, which is something that I don’t see too often in the Midwest, where I’m from. It was refreshing to enjoy the breeze and the sights of South Beach while enjoying some delicious food. Art Deco has a lot of colorful buildings and historic hotels, and the best part about it is that across the street are wavy palm trees and the beach!


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