Beaches of Miami

Miami is known for its beaches that span along the Atlantic coast.28984366480_27bb3713b9_o When I went to Miami in January of 2016, I stayed in South Beach. South Beach has a lot of colorful buildings, lively streets, and sandy beaches. You can see people enjoying themselves on the beach, whether they’re laying on the sand or riding their jet skis. There were two main parts of the beach in South Beach that I noticed when I was there. The southern side of the beach is a lot more quieter24085993783_61ef6d7fc5_o and more calm, as to why you find more families and older people on that side of the beach. That side of the beach was right next to the South Pointe Park Pier.
South Pointe Park offers nice views of the beach as well as 24713106325_cc7066d024_owonderful bicycle and running paths for people to stroll on. I stayed on this side of the beach most of the time because of how quiet and calm it was. You can see the whole of South Beach just from the pier and you can see just how crowded the beach gets further away from the pier. 

The main part of the beach in South Beach was a lot more lively.
You see a lot more young people and music blasting out loud, volleyball courts and a lot more energy

. That main part of South Beach was next to the Art Deco/ Ocean Drive area. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the main part of South Beach just because it was a bit more crowded. When I would walk down Ocean Drive and along Art Deco, I would see a bunch of people going in and out of the main beach and it looked like fun but it just seemed like it was way too crowded. But nevertheless, no matter which side of South Beach you decide to go to, the views of the ocean are to die for on each side. 





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