A Computer Science Degree and You

Isn’t it interesting how technology has been around us for years and how it continues to evolve? In the world of technology, there are so many different aspects to it. With computer science, I have realized that there are so many different aspects to it. The great thing about computer science is that there is not just one career path that you could take, but there are various areas that one could specify in or focus on.

The field of computer science is something that keeps on growing and changing all of the time. There are a lot of different fields in computer science, such as software development, artificial intelligence, data processing, systems analysis, database systems, networking, computer programming, and so much more. While there are many different types of jobs that one could do with a degree in computer science, these careers that I’m going to talk about are the most common.

A common job that one with a computer science degree may have is a computer programmer. What does a computer programmer do you might ask? Computer programmers write code to create, modify, and test software programs. They write programs in various computer languages, such as Java, C++, and C#. Programmers work with software developers, and at times, their roles overlap, so programmers may find themselves actually planning and designing the software and the code behind it.

Software development is a field of computer science that is growing rapidly. Software developers, or software engineers, create software programs or systems that customers can use. They go through a software development life cycle when they want to establish new software. They first ask their customer what they want the software program to accomplish or what they want to use the software for. Then they design the software program and then the next phase goes to the computer programmers, who then write the code for the program to test it. It is not always necessary for software developers to give the instructions to the computer programmers, because, at times, they will develop and write the code themselves.

What does a database administrator do? Database administrators store, organize, and manage various amounts of data. They develop new databases to make sure that data is secure and available for users. Database administrators also maintain databases, as well as work with data analysts to make sure that information is accessible and accurate.

Being in the field of computer science also requires you to have good communication skills, because you could be working in teams as well as with other departments of an organization. A particular career that utilizes both computer programming and communication skills is a computer systems analyst. Computer systems analysts study and evaluate a business’s computer systems and they try to design, improve and make solutions to help the business’s computer systems run more efficiently and operate more effectively. Analysts also create diagrams to help computer programmers and computer network architects build computer systems. Computer systems analysts work closely with an organization’s information technology department as well as the organization’s leaders.

What does a computer network architect do? Computer network architects design and develop networks for data communication. Those networks include local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. They work with organizations to predict and figure out what’s best for the organization before they design a network for them. They also work with information security when designing a network. Computer network architects are also called network engineers, and they also figure out and try to predict future network needs. They have to be current with new software and technology and see how it will affect or improve network performance.

Nobody likes cyber threats or viruses on their computer. That’s where information security analysts come in. Information security analysts create and plan out security measures for an organization to protect their computer networks and systems. They monitor and maintain an organization’s networks for security violations and they investigate those violations whenever those happen. They also install and use software that protects against security threats and breaches. Security analysts work with network administrators and computer systems analysts to carry out their tasks.

What does a network and computer systems administrator do? Network and computer systems administrators organize, install, and manage communications networks and an organization’s whole IT system. Administrators also manage an organization’s servers and desktops and mobile equipment, while some manage telecommunication networks.

While there are so many more jobs with a degree in computer science, these are the most common. Those jobs are also the fastest growing job outlook currently in the field of computer science. The great thing about computer science is that there is not one specific job that one could do and that the amount of jobs keep increasing. It’s all about finding a fit and an interest and with the wide range of fields within computer science, one could easily focus and specialize in numerous things and not just one.


One thought on “A Computer Science Degree and You

  1. I found this post very informative. I really liked the part about software developers/engineers, that seemed like the most interesting job to me. I am looking at pursuing a computer science degree and this was a great resource for figuring out what I can do with that degree.


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